An investment in property is often the most significant investment you or your business will make. Protecting that investment and having it perform in the manner in which it was intended is paramount. We help both homeowners and businesses when they face construction defect issues for both new construction and remodeling or remediation projects.  Some of the types of claims we handle include:

  • ■ poor design
  • ■ faulty construction and poor workmanship
  • ■ defective products and materials
  • ■ breach of warranty
  • ■ abandonment of the project.

Errors in design and construction are multifaceted claims that arise at any one point in the construction process or from multiple critical points beginning with initial design and planning and continuing through the bidding process, management and implementation and the construction process itself.  We utilize a number of experts to analyze and evaluate the entire construction process to identify the root causes of the problems.  Once the causes are identified, we develop a plan to remedy the defects and to restore the investment you have made and to help you move forward with your plans.

Some of the problems you may encounter include:

  • ■ water intrusion from roofing systems
  • ■ window leaks
  • ■ heating and airconditioning systems not functioning properly – balance and humidity issues
  • ■ malfunctioning electrical or plumbing systems
  • ■ improper insulation
  • ■ grading issues around the exterior causing water intrusion

We have successfully helped homeowners, owners of commercial properties, hospitals and healthcare clinics in identifying problems and resolving issues to allow the property to perform as it was intended.