Insurance is intended to protect you when unexpected events and emergencies occur. Insurance companies are required by law to promptly investigate and pay your insurance claim reasonably and in good faith. Unfortunately, insurance companies often manipulate the language in their policies and the law to deny a claim, delay payment of benefits and to underpay claims.  While often appearing concerned and understanding of your needs, they frequently deny valid claims, underpay claims and limit the benefits you are entitled to under the policy.  We represent policyholders in understanding their rights in an insurance dispute.

Insurance claims can be simple or complex but all types of claims have basic elements and activities that must be met and performed in order to obtain all of the insurance benefits you are entitled to under your policy.  These include:

  • ■ Interpretation and understanding of important terms in the policy
  • ■ Proper notices and performance of conditions triggering insurance company obligations
  • ■ Adequate investigation and documentation of loss or damage that is covered under the policy
  • ■ Identifying and retaining experts with special knowledge to support your insurance claim
  • ■ Responding to insurance company strategies designed to minimize the benefits you are entitled to under your policy

We can help you with these issues and many more that arise when insurance claims are made to make sure your claim is fully and appropriately resolved as it should be under the policy and the law.