Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation

Disputes and conflicts arise often and distract businesses from fulfilling their mission and accomplishing their goals. Whether you have a simple misunderstandings or complex disputes requiring an aggressive and proactive response, protecting your business interests is important and critical to your success. We have helped individuals, small businesses and large corporations address a wide variety of business disputes, including breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, deceptive trade practices and fraud.

Construction Defect Claims

An investment in property is often the most significant investment you or your business will make. Protecting that investment and having it perform in the manner in which it was intended is paramount. We help both homeowners and businesses when they face construction defect issues, including poor design, faulty construction and poor workmanship, defective products and materials, breach of warranty and abandonment of the project.

Insurance Claims

Insurance is intended to protect you when unexpected events and emergencies occur. Insurance companies are required by law to promptly investigate and pay your insurance claim reasonably and in good faith. Unfortunately, insurance companies often manipulate the language in their policies and the law to deny a claim, delay payment of benefits and to underpay claims. We represent policyholders in understanding their rights in an insurance dispute.

Sales Representatives and Agents

Independent sales representatives, agents, brokers, manufacturer representatives and those who market products and services for others often find themselves unable to collect payment for work and services provided; seeking unpaid commissions for completed sales or transactions and in disputes over how much their pay or commission should be. Most states have enacted laws and regulations to protect sales representatives. We have helped sales representatives in understanding laws and regulations and whether they impact written sales agreements, commission rates, territories, and arbitration of claims and disputes.

Other Cases